A Fisherman Caught A 3000-Pound Shark, And It Is Bigger Than Jaws

A fisherman caught a shockingly enormous shark that looks like it swam directly out of your nightmares. The gigantic animal popped its head out of the water long enough for the crew to snap a photo, and it might make you rethink that next deep sea fishing trip.

The Great White Shark was such a massive beast that it immediately snapped the line when it was first caught. The fisherman decided not to give up, and continued to pursue the shark. The crew eventually reeled in the Great White, tagged him, and set it free back into the ocean, but not without a considerable amount of time and effort put into catching the shark.

The photo of the shark was shared on the Outcast Sport Fishing Facebook page with the caption: "Caught and released the first great White Shark of the season this afternoon. At noon we hooked into the largest White I've seen out there, over 3k lbs, but she spit the hook right when we started to turn the boat around to give chase. I almost called it a day and headed in, but we reset and hooked into this little guy. First male white shark I've caught. We put an acoustic tag on him and sent him on his way. Congrats to Pavel for battling this guy around the boat and under the motor 4 times. 1-2 on whites in December isn't bad, but I'm going to get that monster."

How would you have reacted if you reeled in that 3,000-plus pound Great White Shark?


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