Why Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph Was Criticized for His 'Black Lives Matter' Tweet

Twenty One Pilots musician Tyler Joseph has found himself under fire once again, as Page Six [...]

Twenty One Pilots musician Tyler Joseph has found himself under fire once again, as Page Six reported. This whole matter began after he posted a tweet in which he shared his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. However, since this message came months after he was criticized for joking about using his platform to speak out on serious topics, some users on social media have said that his recent tweet was "too late."

On Wednesday, Joseph tweeted, "Black Lives Matter." But, it wasn't before long that many users took him to task for sharing this sentiment months after he joked about using his platforms to speak out on serious and important matters. One individual wrote about Joseph's recent tweet, "Hes too late because he dismissed the f–k out of the same issue a couple months ago. its too late for him to save face and act like he actually cares." Another user wrote, "All the nonblack people accepting this 'apology' imma need yall to step back. I also don't wanna hear no 'well I'm black and idc about it or I have a black friend' doesn't mean others don't find this s–t to be any less rude or offensive when it took 8 months for him to say this."

Back in September, Joseph sparked controversy after he posted a photo of platform shoes and wrote, "You guys keep asking me to use my platforms. Feels good to dust these bad boys off. He later doubled down on the tweet after the backlash, calling it "fantastic." Many individuals quickly criticized the rocker for his tweet, as they said that it seemingly downplays the discussion surrounding topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement. Joseph subsequently explained his attempt at a joke, which led to him discussing the topic of mental health. He wrote, "I use music, humor, being alone, breaks from social media, family, uncomfortable and honest conversations with friends, and sometimes crying. A few tools, but they don't all work for everyone. find what helps you take back ground lost."

Joseph went on to share facts about mental health and included a link to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. He tweeted, "Starting September 6th is national suicide prevention awareness week. what does that mean exactly? I don't know. but if it can get a single person's attention at the right time, it's everything." The rocker continued to say that he respects "all the warriors out there fighting for different causes," adding, "There is honor in it, purpose, and it can make our world better. I just want to remind you what I'm fighting for: your mental health is more important today than it ever has been. you're not alone."