Why Bobby Shmurda Was in Jail

Rapper Bobby Shmurda, known for creating and popularizing the viral Shmoney Dance in 2014, was released from prison on Tuesday and he received a warm welcome home from rapper Quavo (who took a few photos with him after sending him home on a private jet). He also received celebratory words from Meek Mill, 21 Savage, and Chris Brown.

Shmurda, born Ackquille Pollard, spent six years serving time on illegal firearm and conspiracy charges, as part of a police-orchestrated attempt to take down his neighborhood crew GS9 –– which was named after the G Stone Crips. NPR released an investigation into the intricate case and overall plot, which says the quick fall began shortly after the rapper signed with Epic Records in 2014. "He was a millionaire, baby. Nineteen years old," former Epic Records A&R Sha Money XL said of his signing and subsequent quick rise to fame. "What more can you ask for, man?"

According to the public radio outlet, police and prosecutors used conspiracy law to build a steeper case against him and his crew. After the police raided Quad studios, he was facing a string of charges including weapons possession, reckless endangerment, conspiracy to sell narcotics, and conspiracy to commit murder. Police asserted that his neighborhood crew GS9 and its namesake were the same. He was given two options: take a plea deal and spend less time in jail or go to trial and risk the maximum 50 years sentence.

In September, before he went to trial, he and the three GS9 co-defendants named in his case: Rowdy Rebel, Montana Flea and Cueno were offered a "global" plea. Court transcripts from the day allege that Rowdy Rebel and Montana Flea were each offered seven years. Bobby Shmurda was also offered seven years. He decides to take the plea. Cueno, however, was offered 15 years for his connection to several non-fatal shootings. He turned down the plea and eventually received 117 years for 23 counts. In the end, Bobby only had to plead guilty to two charges instead of the original eight: weapons possession and a related conspiracy charge. The other six were dropped.