Travis Barker Suffers Serious Injury Ahead of Blink-182 Tour

Travis Barker has revealed that he suffered a serious injury ahead of the forthcoming Blink-182 tour. On Tuesday, Barker took to Twitter to tweet one word, "F—." Following many fans rushing to express concern, Barker elaborated on the matter explaining that he'd hurt his finger during practice, causing it to be "dislocated."

The famed drummer also shared that the injury left him with torn ligaments. Many of his fans and peers replied to the news with support and sympathy. "Damn – nothing worse than a lingering injury on tour. Get better soon," tweeted Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows. "The amount of times I've thought I did this... hoping for a quick recovery," added Michael Cooper, drummer for metalcore band The Plot in You.

The injury comes as Barker and his Blink-182 bandmates Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge for a major tour marking DeLonge's return to the band after several years. In October, the band shared a hilarious NSFW video of fans excited about them "coming" back. At the end of the clip, Blink-182 revealed they have a new album in the works, with a new song debuting Friday. They will also be going on a major world tour, which kicks off in Tijuana, Mexico on March 11. Click here for the full list of tour dates.

DeLonge parted ways with Blink-182 bandmates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker back in 2015, with singer/guitarist Matt Skiba. However, rumors of DeLonge's return have been swirling for the past couple of years. Back in November 2021, DeLonge made an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden and, during the conversation, he spoke about possibly rejoining Blink-182. This came after Hoppus' cancer battle, which led to the two mending their previously broken friendship. 

"We always talk about playing together again and I think that that's definitely something we're all interested in," he said. "Finding the time to do it where it lines up with everybody's priorities is really all that's needed, and getting Mark healthy again, getting him strong again. But yeah, I'm down, I think those guys are down. I think just finding the time to do it and when is really what we just got to figure out."

Then, in December, Hoppus spoke with GQ and confirmed that he was open to DeLonge returning, but did not necessarily indicate that this would mean Skiba wouldn't still have a place. "We haven't really talked about that, but I'm open to anything in the future," Hoppus said. "I don't know how that would work if it's all four of us. Like we're all going to live in the same house again?"