Spice Girls Fans Get Update on Mel B's Condition After Fears She Was 'Totally Blind'

Spice Girls singer Mel B is reportedly "doing fine now" and is not blind, despite having herpes in her eye.

"She's doing fine now, she's not blind," a source told PEOPLE Monday. "This has happened before. She has herpes in her eye, so this can happen."

The source continued, "She told the doctor she was blind because she couldn't see but her eye is OK. They gave her some drops and she's good now. It was nothing major."

The report comes after The Sun reported over the weekend that the singer, whose full name is Melanie Brown, rushed to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London wearing an eyepatch on Friday, reportedly claiming, "I can't see anything - I am totally blind."

A source told The Sun, "She was clearly in a lot of pain," and she was transferred to Luton and Dunstable Hospital's ophthalmology department. The U.K. outlet claimed she left the hospital against doctor's orders the moment she could see, just to head back to Spice Girls rehearsals.

"Mel was in a really bad way. The other girls and their managers were really worried," The Sun's source said. "Mel was frantic and screaming that she couldn't see a thing. She went to the hospital in a chauffeur-driven car with an assistant, who was holding her hand."

The source continued, "No one knew what brought it on but she had very swift, and very good, treatment."

The source said it was "unclear" if this was connected to her previous problems. Her left eye was permanently damaged by a botched laser eye surgery in the 1990s.

Brown's health emergency put the upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour in jeopardy again, but the Sun's source said everyone "rallied around" Brown and they are determined to make sure the tour happens.

"Mel was determined to get back in action and was very brave," The Sun's source said. "The situation did cause concern, and it is something the girls and those around them will monitor closely when the concerts start."

"The situation is under control and she has received treatment. She is back in rehearsals and is looking forward to the tour starting next week," a Spice Girls representative told The Sun.

PEOPLE's source also said the Spice Girls performed for friends and family, and it "went well," adding that Brown is "very involved with the tour and she's excited about it."

Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell Horner and Emma Bunton are scheduled to start their reunion tour on May 24 in Dublin. Aside from the kick-off show in Ireland, the tour only includes U.K. dates so far.


Photo credit: Getty Images