Selena Gomez Fights Back Tears Over Taylor Swift's Support, Praise Following Health Struggles

Selena Gomez broke down in tears while discussing her close friendship with the "amazing" Taylor Swift, who supported Gomez throughout her health struggles. Gomez said Swift stood by her and praised Gomez's new song "Lose You to Love Me." Swift called Gomez's new track "the best thing she's done so far."

On Friday, Swift and Gomez both visited Apple's Beats 1 host Zane Lowe to discuss Gomez's new single, but spoke separately. Swift described how Gomez showed her the video for "Lose You to Love Me" and is "so proud" of Gomez.

"She's been through so much. I've watched so much happen in her life and had a front row seat to so much, and I'm so proud of her," Swift said, notes Elle. "She is such a revelation because now she's making her best stuff. I am 100 percent convinced this is the best thing she's done so far."

Lowe asked Swift what differences she has seen between Gomez today and in the past. Swift did not quite answer that question, but said she has "never been more proud" of her friend.

"The things that she's overcome, the situations she's risen above, it's been a long time since we were friends and she's the best. She's just the best," Swift said. "I'm really excited because when somebody has had great life experience, has had really tough things they've had to go through and they can process that and make art that's going to help other people, that's what kind of song this is. I'm stoked."

Gomez was up to bat next, and Lowe played Swift's comments for her. "Aw, that was very sweet" was Gomez's first response.

Gomez later said Swift has been an "amazing" friend.

"She was frustrated when I was frustrated; she was sad when I was sad. But more than anything, my friends stood by my side. I think they visibly saw me in so much pain. And they didn't want it for me but they... sorry..." Gomez said as she held back tears. "They never stopped loving me."

She continued, "I played [Swift] the song, and I played it with her mom and dad, and I showed her the video and her mom and Taylor started crying. And it wasn't because the song was emotional. It was just because the first thing they said to me was, 'We're so happy that you're here. After seeing all of that, this is such a cool moment.' And that's a huge thing for me."

Lowe asked Gomez about dealing with heartbreak. Gomez was previously in an on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber for almost a decade until he married Hailey Baldwin last year.

"It was awful. Yeah, it was pretty terrible. And that's okay. I think I had experienced years of it already so I wasn't really thrown off, but I was just exhausted," Gomez said. "My heart was just so tired... And I think that allowing myself to just say that was important for me."


Gomez released "Lose You to Love Me" and "Look at Her Now" this week. The two singles are previews for Gomez's upcoming third album, her first since 2015's Revival.

Photo credit: Getty Images