Seether Singer Shaun Morgan Just Got Married

Seether singer Shaun Morgan has cause to celebrate because the post-grunge rocker just got married to his longtime girlfriend Jordan Kirby. The news was revealed in a Facebook post by Kirby, who shared some smiling photos from their big day. "Thank you to everyone that made this day so special to us! Presenting The Welgemoeds!," she wrote in the post's caption, referring to Morgan's given last name.

In the early 2000s, Morgan — who is originally from South Africa — dated Evanescence singer Amy Lee for about two years. The pair even delivered an iconic duet with the song "Broken," which was included on the soundtrack to The Punisher (2004) and Seether's unofficial second album, Disclaimer II. The pair broke up in 2005 — the same year Seether released their true second album, Karma and Effect — with Morgan checking himself into a substance abuse treatment facility the following year.

When Evanescence released "Call Me When You're Sober," the lead single to their 2006 sophomore album The Open Door, it was widely speculated that the song was inspired by her relationship with Morgan. She eventually confirmed this to be accurate. "I think it's impossible to hide how obvious it is," Lee said, later adding of Morgan seeking treatment, "I am totally in support of Shaun, and I'm really happy for him."

In 2007, Seether released Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, which featured a massively popular cover of George Michael's "Careless Whisper." The band has released four more albums since then, with the most recent being 2020's Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. In an interview with Guitar World, Morgan revealed that the new record was strongly influenced by late '90s alternative rock, specifically citing A Perfect Circle and the Deftones and significant inspiration for the sound.

Morgan also recently found himself the center of a special Rock and Roll Hall of Fame exhibit which featured some of his instruments, handwritten lyrics, and other Seether memorabilia from the band's career. "Growing up on a pig farm in South Africa I had many dreams of being a 'rock star' in America, something that was deemed impossible at the time," Morgan said in a statement. He added, "I clung to the dream even more tightly with every comment from every naysayer and after many years, shows and numerous different bands the impossible became a reality in 2000,"


Morgan then concluded his statement by sharing how much gratitude he felt over the opportunity to be featured by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "I feel so humbled and grateful for this opportunity that it is difficult to express," he said. "This is a huge milestone for Seether and is by far one of the most important highlights of our career."