Rick Ross to Pay Sizable Child Support Payments to Ex

Rapper Rick Ross will now be paying a huge chunk of change for his three children with his ex, Briana Singleton. TMZ reports that Singleton will be getting $11k a month in child support payments for their kids. Additionally, Ross will have to pay for the kids' health insurance, as well as any extracurricular activities they participate in.

He also agreed to pay Singleton's attorney $25k. Ross isn't strapped for cash. He listed his monthly income as $585k in court documents. Singleton however told the court that she only brings in $142 a month. As for why Singleton's income is so minimal, court documents reveal that she was discharged from the army due to a medical condition. 

Singleton is the owner of an online sportswear brand, Fit By B. Camille. According to the company's website, the brand is based on "principles and values that the woman's body is ever-evolving and that women must embrace their body throughout all of its many changes. 

The two haven't had the best co-parenting as of late. The rapper told a court last year that Singleton was not allowing him to see the kids. At the time, he said he hadn't seen his children in six months. But Singelton says she had good reason: the coronavirus pandemic. 

She told a court she preferred Ross to take COVID-19 tests and be cleared with a negative test for safety purposes. Singleton filed official legal paperwork requesting an emergency hearing on the matter. Her two children were infants at the time. She also told the court that Ross had not been following quarantine guidelines, making her more hesitant for him to visit.


Still, Ross demanded a paternity test for the children. Singelton claimed he stalled on having the tests done. She was pregnant with their third child at the time of the COVID-19 legal battle but said the paternity dispute didn't stop Ross from depositing money monthly into Singleton's account for the children.