Rapper Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Teenage Dunkin' Donuts Employee

Rapper Dae Dae, whose real name is Marquiavis Goolsby, was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly stabbing a teenage employee at a Union City, Georgia Dunkin' Donuts in December 2020. The 29-year-old Goolsby was charged with aggravated assault and arrested without incident, reports CBS46. The victim's attorney believes the stabbing happened during a fight that allegedly began when the employee told Goolsby the store did not have the donuts he wanted. Goolsby has denied the allegations.

Police were called to a Dunkin' Donuts on Jonesboro Road in Union City on Dec. 5, 2020, at around 6 p.m. A customer began a fight with an employee, police said. The suspect was not happy that the store did not have what he wanted to order. During the altercation, the suspect allegedly stabbed the teenager in the arm. "The crazy thing about the entire exchange is that I believe that he wanted a certain type of donut or donuts, and they did not have those donuts, apparently," Kamau Mason, the attorney for the victim, told CBS46. Video of the altercation surfaced online the day it happened.

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After obtaining surveillance footage and cell phone video, police discovered the suspect drove a red four-door Audi. The suspect first tried to order what he wanted at the drive-thru. He went into the store after the employee told him they did not have what he wanted, police said. "He has what appears to be a butcher knife, and he's not just slashing, he's making stabbing motions, you know, and looking at it, that was the part of it that was most troubling to me, he could have easily taken her life," Mason told CBS46. Goolsby, who earned attention for his 2015 single "Wat U Mean (Aye, Aye, Aye)," was arrested in Suwanee, Georgia.

The victim's family did not want to appear on camera but provided CBS46 with a statement. "We thank God that our angel was able to survive the attack," the victim's family said. "No young lady should have to go through such an ordeal either at home, school, or work. Our girls need our protection, our support, and our love. We pray that the union city police apprehend her attacker and that justice is served. Please keep us in your prayers."

Goolsby has denied the allegations on Instagram. After it was reported he would be charged in the stabbing earlier this month, he posted a clip of a local news report on his charges. "Anything To Slammer My Name Huh," he wrote in the caption. "They Would Wanna See Me Dead Or In Jail. It's Crazy the Type Music I Drop Is Nun But Motivation Music They Treatin me Like A Mass Criminal... NOT EVEN Trippen Lawyer Paid Up And Ima Drop Faster On You Pussiess. Tell That. Stay Tune WATCHTHIS."


The rapper also published a video of his arrest. "DEY SLANDER MY 6OY NAME ITS FRAME FAKE NEWS YU FUCCIN DUCCS DONT WORRY 6AE🤞🏾 I GOT THIS TILL YU GET 6ACC," he wrote, adding the hashtag "framed."