Nipsey Hussle Funeral Flub Reveals Real Meaning Behind His Name

Louis Farrakhan fudged Nipsey Hussle's stage name during his funeral service on Friday, but it actually shed light on the inspiration for his name.

Hussle (real name Ermias Asghedom) was laid to rest in a public service with numerous guests and notable speakers, including Farrakhan. The minister slipped and called the late hip-hop artist "Nipsey Russell" during a section of his speech.

After the slip, he went into a tangent about Oklahoma City Thunder player Russell Westbrook, but many were unsure if it was planned or an improvised way to rebound from the error.

The section focused on Westbrook's recent dedication of a game of the late 33-year-old and connected that to the book of Revelations.

Many viewers at home were confused by the whole ordeal. However, there was a basis of the "Nipsey Russell" remark that went over many fans' heads.

Nipsey Russell was a beloved actor and comedian. He appeared on numerous game shows through the late 20th century, including Hollywood Squares, Match Game and Pyramid. His largest claim to fame for playing the Tin Man in 1978's Wizard of Oz adaptation The Wiz, alongside Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. He died in 2005 after a battle with cancer.

The "Racks in the Middle" rapper flipped the comedian's name for his own stage name, making Farrakhan's flub more understandable. Those who were aware of Russell's career made sure to spread that knowledge on Twitter with hopes of educating Hussle's fans.

"Nipsey Russell was a comedian and actor (he played the tin man in The Wiz). Nipsey Hussle is a play on words of Nipsey Russell," one user wrote. "Farrakhan is old enough to remember Russell as a prominent figure so it’s easy for him to mix up the names."


Another fan added, "O.K. so I see people reacting to the 'Nipsey Russell' misspeak like they don't know that was a real person that the rapper got his name from."

Hussle's murder has sent shockwaves throughout the music industry with numerous fans and peers mourning his passing. In addition to his music, he was known for his charitable efforts and entrepreneurial pursuits.