Nelly Slammed for 'Creepy' Concert Segment as Sexual Assault Allegation Surfaces

Not long before Nelly was accused of raping a Washington woman, he was already under fire for a "creepy" aspect of his performances.

The "Hot in Herre" rapper, who is currently touring with Florida Georgia Line, brings up a young girl and sings his Tim McGraw duet "Over and Over" to her. While it could be innocent in intention, the way Nelly acts during the song rubs some the wrong way.

Fan Christine Nefzger shared a clip of the segment as it was performed at his Friday night show near Seattle, Washington. The performance occurred just hours before he allegedly raped a woman in his tour bus.

"I need a min to talk about how mf creepy Nelly was tonight," Nefzger captioned the video.

Nelly is seem singing the song to the young girl, who seems nervous. He asks her about how she's liking school this year and twirls her hair.

The clip began to blow up, especially when Nelly's arrest went public. There was also a second clip of Nelly performing the song in a similar situation in Montana that surfaced.

Many fans and onlookers thought the rapper stepped a bit too far by touching the young girl's hair, as well as singing a love song to her.


See some of the reactions below.