Miley Cyrus Celebrates Boyfriend Cody Simpson's Birthday With Steamy Photo

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson seemed to have put rumors of a potential breakup aside in NSFW fashion for the Australian performer's birthday.

Simpson turned 23 years old on Saturday and Cyrus did her best to ring in the happy day in the steamiest way possible on Instagram. While the singer already gifted Simpson a personalized doctor's bag with "Prince Neptune" written on the side according to The Blast, she spent the day itself posting photos of Simpson and a few moments of them together.

The wildest of the photos shared by Cyrus was only on her Instagram page for a short amount of time but showed Simpson with his face between her open legs as Cyrus wore nothing but jeans and may have been topless according to The Blast.

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"Happy birthday to my best friend in the entire world [Cody Simpson]. I love you and I love our pirate life," Cyrus captioned the photo.

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She followed it with another post featuring the two together "embracing and swaying to music" according to Cosmopolitan. Both were wearing matching face masks in the clip, seemingly sharing a little beauty maintenance.

"Happy birthday to my favorite human to get weird with on the entire earth," Cyrus wrote on the second post. "I [heart] u."

Simpson and Cyrus have been connected since the pop star ended her short relationship with The Hills star Kaitlynn Carter. It all also followed Cyrus' high-profile separation and divorce from Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus was photographed lounging with Carter around the pool in Italy, leading many to believe there was trouble in her marriage. The pop star soon confirmed what many assumed and the couple was quickly done only months after their surprise Christmas wedding.

Her relationship with Simpson has been a focus for the media, starting as speculation that the two would be dating and followed closely by rumors that they were on the verge of a breakup after the Australian star was photographed hanging out with a Playboy playmate, something Simpson called "stupid."


Despite these rumors, Cyrus and Simpson seem to be happy with each other for the time being. He has been by her side as she recovers from vocal surgery and has shown to be more open to publicly expressing affection than her previous relationships. Cyrus confirmed the relationship back in October, chastising fans and the public for their "obsession with her relationships."

"1. I know the public feels invested in my past relationship because they felt like they saw it thru(sic) from the beginning.... I think that's why people have always felt so entitled over my life and how I live it because they've watched me grow up.... but I am grown now and make choices as an adult knowing the truth/details/reality," Cyrus wrote at the time. "2. Men (especially successful ones) are RARELY slut shamed . They move on from one beautiful woman to the next MOST times without consequence. They are usually referenced as " legends" , "heart throbs"(sic) , " G" , "Ladies Man" etc..... where women are called sluts/whores ! I am trying to just THRIVE/ survive in a "mans"(sic) world .... if we can't beat em, join em! If our president can " grab em by the pussy...." can't I just have a kiss and acaí bowl?!?!"