Michael C. Hall and His Band Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum Reveal 'Creative Collaboration' for Fans

Amid the announcement of their first-ever North American tour this spring, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum (made up of vocalist Michael C. Hall and instrumentalists Peter Yanowitz and Matt Katz-Bohen) is releasing a brand new interactive music video in support of the track "Sideways" off their acclaimed album Thanks for Coming. In a press release issued Friday, the unique music video directed by cult filmmaker Dylan Greenberg and shot against a green screen was born out of a "creative collaboration" with Yanowitz and his brother Andy.

Starting Monday, March 14, the band will make the raw video available for fans and creators to customize and share their take on "Sideways," the 10th track off their 2021 debut that has been a fan-favorite at live shows and on social media. Bearing the head-snapping metallic crunch of vintage Black Sabbath, "Sideways" is a ferocious, bass-heavy song written by Hall, Yanowitz and Katz-Bohen.

With the music video premiering Friday morning on YouTube, the creative news isn't the only exciting announcement from the band. The supergroup finished off 2021 strong with a sold-out tour in Europe and is getting ready to kick off their U.S. tour and making their way throughout the country until mid-May. Tour starts on March 20 in Pioneertown, California, with tickets starting at $25. However, even those are very limited.

This past November, PopCulture.com spoke to Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum just before their European tour, with Hall stating how "all the rooms and those ears and human bodies" filling venues was an appealing aspect for him. "We've played a good number of shows, but they've all been here in New York. We were about to go on a mini trip out west right before the pandemic hit, and that got canceled," he said at the time.

Hall, Yanowitz and Katz-Bohen first met when the award-winning actor led the 2014 Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Itch. Fast becoming friends and sharing a shared love for genre-bending music, the three have merged their talents for Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. As Yanowitz shares via the band's official website that they "never set out to start a band," it was their collective connection through music that made them feel like it kickstarted something in them. "Some of the best moments in art, though, are the ones you don't plan for," he said.


For more information and how you can see Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum live, click here for tickets and dates. Head to their official site for music, merchandise, and lots more for more on the band! Thanks for Coming is now out at all digital retailers and available to stream.