Michael Buble's Son Reportedly 'Doing Very Well' After Cancer Diagnosis

Last Christmas was a rough time for Michael Buble and his family. In November 2016, Buble's son, Noah, was diagnosed with cancer. Now, it sounds like the family is in a much better place this holiday season, and the singer is prepared to return to work.

An anonymous source told ET that 4-year-old Noah Buble is "doing very well" more than a year after his diagnosis.

"He's an energetic little boy!" the source said. They added that the illness has strengthened the family and helped Buble to set his priorities. "Events like this put everything in perspective...There's no doubt Christmas will be extra special at the Buble household this year."

The new outlook is a big step in the right direction for the performer. The source told reporters that the holiday season was tough for the family last year, especially considering that much of Buble's most popular and iconic work is Christmas-themed.

"This time last year, the holidays were a tense time for the Buble family," the source told reporters. "When Noah received a cancer diagnosis, Michael immediately made the decision to step away from his work. It was really a scary time for everyone."


Yet the source said that Buble is "in a really good head space right now," and is ready to get back to work. He'll be hosting the Juno Awards in his hometown of Vancouver next year, which he had to pull out of in 2017.

Buble is reportedly planning on being a very hands-on host, helping with the show in any way he can. He also announced two shows for this upcoming summer — both in the UK, though the source told ET that Buble won't be straying too far from home other than that. The singer reportedly "doesn't want to be on the road for a large chunk of time, but he's eager to get back on the stage."