Marc Anthony Cancels Concert After Injury

Marc Anthony had to cancel one of his concerts during his Pa' Alla Voy tour due to an injury. This news was delivered by concertgoers on May 4 in Panama's Rommel Fernández Stadium after 11:45 p.m. when the event's management made the announcement, according to Hola!.

The event organizers informed the public that the concert was being canceled due to an accident the 53-year-old singer suffered backstage minutes before performing. In a statement, event organizers said, "Marc Anthony had to postpone his concert in Panama due to an accident involving the stage's stairs, occurring minutes before his appearance onstage. The injury resulted in complications on his back, which prevented his live performance."

"Currently, Marc is being transported to Miami to be attended by his specialists. We are grateful for medical personnel in Panama, who immediately provided their services and to all guests who were present for the concert." Some concertgoers were reportedly upset by the sudden change and asked to be reimbursed.

Ticket holders will not need to make additional purchases as Magic Dream, the company that organized the event, stated that the new date would soon be announced. A COVID-19 outbreak forced Anthony to cancel his concert last February, and due to symptoms of dehydration, he had to cancel another show in 2015. 

Anthony took to Instagram hours before the concert to share a joyful video of him and his girlfriend, Nadia Ferreira, dancing to Dominican musician Juan Luis Guerra in their car. Ferreira recently shared clips of herself during the Pa'lla Voy Tour in her Instagram stories, documenting the concert from the front row and capturing a moment when Anthony turns and spots her in the crowd and blows her a kiss.


Anthony and Ferreira have been dating for a short time, keeping their relationship private. Neither have officially confirmed their romance, but Anthony updated his Instagram on March 19 with a rare photo of the couple next to Eva Longoria and Oscar de la Hoya during a tour stop in Los Angeles.

In 2021, Ferreira represented Paraguay at the Miss Universe pageant as the first finalist. Anthony has been married three times, his first wife being Dayanara Torres, a beauty queen who was Miss Universe in 1993, representing Puerto Rico. The couple has two children, Cristian and Ryan.