Madonna Cancels Another Show Following Scary Onstage Fall

Days after taking a nasty tumble onstage during her Madame X tour, Madonna announced she would have to cancel a Paris performance while she rested and recuperated. The pop icon revealed the cancellation Sunday for her show scheduled for that evening, sharing an onstage photo with a revealing caption.

"Here I Am — Flesh and Blood," she began. "If only knees didn't twist and cartilage didn't tear and nothing hurt and tears never fell out of our eyes.........But alas they do and Thank God for this important reminder that we are human."

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Madonna went on to explain that two nights prior, she fell "when a chair was literally pulled out from underneath me by mistake and I landed on the floor on my tail bone."

"I made it thru the show last night but just barely because I hate disappointing," she continued. "However today even I can see that this broken doll held together with tape and glue, needs to stay in bed and rest for a few days so she can finish the tour with a smile on her face and in one piece. Thank You for your understanding Paris!"

Madonna's team has yet to announce if the rest of her shows at Paris' Le Grand Rex, scheduled March 3-11, will be impacted by her injury. Sunday's show was not the first the "Like a Virgin" singer has had to cancel on her Madame X tour, previously having to skip her Jan. 22 and 27 shows most recently, as well as others in 2019, due to injuries.

As Madonna has recovered from a number of hip and knee injuries, the singer has been using a cane while not on stage, but the high-energy performance has been taking a lot out of her, she admitted in a message to fans on her website on Jan. 25.

"As you all know I have injuries that have plagued me since the beginning of the tour but I must always listen to my body and put my health first," she wrote at the time. "The last thing I want to do is disappoint my fans or compromise the integrity of my show. So I will keep going until I cannot."


Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Pride Island