Lizzo Shoots Her Shot at Minnesota Timberwolves' Karl-Anthony Towns During Lakers Game

Lizzo didn't hide her feelings while sitting courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers-Minnesota Timberwolves game on Sunday. The "Truth Hurts" singer was being interviewed by a TV reporter when she shot her shot with Minnesota's star player.

"I'm personally cheering for number 32... Mhmm, that's my baby," Lizzo said in reference to Karl-Anthony Towns.

She then broke out in rhythm to "Truth Hurts," instead saying the words, "New man on the Minnesota Timberwolves."

It ended up being quite an eventful night out at the game for Lizzo. In addition to confessing her love for Towns, she took center stage on the jumbotron while twerking.

The only catch was, though, that she ended up bearing it all. The scene led to an array of reactions on social media, as many felt it was a bit inappropriate for that setting.

"There's being self confident and then there's doing too much," one fan wrote on Instagram, "wanna guess what category she's in?"

Prior to attending the game, Lizzo also released a special set of photos from behind-the-scenes while filming Hustlers. She captioned the photo on Instagram, "BTS from [Hustlers] I was so excited to post but I couldn't b— I just remembered I had these and had to post omgggg."

There's no doubt this has been quite the year for the 31-year-old. She shined a light on just how successful of a year it's been when she sent out a screenshot of her Spotify yearly review numbers.

"You mean to tell me there are at least 61.6 million lizzbians out there???" she captioned her Instagram post. "what a year, thank you. [Spotify]"

In an interview with CBS News back in October, Lizzo spoke about her rise to stardom after years of building towards the moment. She called herself a "master" at the game after spending nearly 10 years in the music industry before cracking the big time.

"It's the slowest build of all time," Lizzo explained. "It's the slowest burn. I've done so many tours, but nobody knows who I am until this year. But would I have been able to maintain this type of mainstream success ten years ago? Hell to the nah!"


She then touched a little about her upbringing and continuing to persevere through life.

"Yeah. Well, I have to be. Like, I have to be strong. 'Cause, like, life really doesn't give you an opportunity to show vulnerability. Life doesn't really give you a chance to let your guard down."