Lizzo Reveals Concerning IV Photo

Lizzo has certainly had a lot on her place recently. Between a performance at Jingle Ball to a revealing appearance at a Lakers game, she's been fairly busy. More recently, on her Instagram Story, Lizzo posted a photo that may leave fans questioning if everything's alright with the singer.

On her Instagram Story, Lizzo showcased a short clip of herself being treated with an IV bag. The singer included an emoji with a medical mask on to express that she wasn't feeling too well.

In a subsequent post on her Instagram Story, the singer posted a video of herself in bed. She could be heard sniffling in the clip as she focuses the camera on her nose. Lizzo didn't give an explanation behind her illness and has yet to update her status following her posts, which were made late Saturday night.

(Photo: Instagram Story/@lizzobeeating)

About a day before she took to her Instagram Story, Lizzo was living it up at the Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden on Friday, Dec. 13. The concert was a star-studded affair with Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello, and Niall Horan also appearing at the annual event.

During her performance, where she sang hits like "Truth Hurts," "Good as Hell," and "Tempo," Lizzo told the crowd just how much being there meant to her.

"I've always dreamed of performing at Madison Square Garden. You made my dream come true tonight," she said. "I've never performed for this many people before."

Lizzo then went on to thank all of her many fans (who are also called the "Lizzbians").

"Thank you for accepting me for who I am," she reportedly told the crowd. "If 20,000 people can accept me for who I am, the whole world can accept you for who you are. Don't event let someone tell you what you can't be... 'cause you got the juice."

As previously mentioned, Lizzo has had a busy week recently. In addition to performing at MSG, the singer also found herself in hot water for her revealing outfit at the Lakers game. At the game, the "Juice" singer donned a black T-shirt dress with a cut out in the back that showed off her behind in a thong. While many had strong opinions about the move, the singer herself remained unbothered.


"Who I am and the essence of me and the things I choose to do as a grown ass woman can inspire you to do the same," she said about the controversy, per Popbuzz. "You don't have to be like me, you need to be like you and never ever let somebody stop you, or shame you from being yourself. This is who I've always been."

Lizzo also has a busy week ahead, as she is set to make her Saturday Night Live debut on the Dec. 21 episode, which has set former SNL cast member, Eddie Murphy, as its host.