Kid Rock's New Song 'Don't Tell Me How to Live' Blasts 'Snowflakes', 'Offended' Millennials

Kid Rock released a new song Friday called "Don't Tell Me How To Live," tackling the subject of "cancel culture" with all his characteristic nuance and subtlety. The 50-year-old singer-songwriter raps about his disdain for political correctness for over four minutes on the new track, the first single off his upcoming triple album. So far, the anthem does not seem to have changed anyone's mind one way or the other.

"So what the f—'s up with all the backlash?" Kid Rock wonders in his new song. "You snowflakes, here's a newsflash!" The song is full of recent buzzwords with politicized undertones like this, all geared towards the general message of irreverence. In another verse, he goes on: "And these minions and their agendas / Every opinion has a millennial offended / But this amendment one, it rings true / and if you don't dissent, b-, then see number two."

The song is a collaboration with the band Monster Truck, and it's the first single off an upcoming album that has not yet been titled. According to a report by The Detroit Free Press, the project will consist of three "discs" – one hip-hop themed, one country-themed and one rock-themed. Each will have ten brand new tracks, marking Kid Rock's first new release since 2017.

The responses to Kid Rock's new song vary wildly depending on where you look. The comments on the YouTube video itself mostly come from his fans, but over on social media, the posts about his music have reached some brutally honest amateur critics. Many cracked jokes about Kid Rock's age, intelligence and thirst for renewed fame and wealth.

"People who enjoy Kid Rock need to have a little more self respect lol," one person tweeted. Another added: "Is he singing a song about people being offended while listing things he's offended by?" while a third wrote: "Do you mean to tell me this isn't an SNL skit and that is actually Kid Rock & not Pete Davidson? This could not be more cringe."


There is no word yet on when Kid Rock's triple album will be released, but now fans are intrigued while critics are on alert. "Don't Tell Me How To Live" is available on most major music streaming platforms.