Is Taylor Swift Collaborating With The Chainsmokers?

Taylor Swift has been teasing a major announcement coming on Friday, April 26, and fans have gone into overdrive with theories as to what that news might be.

The overarching theory is that Swift will be announcing or releasing new music, and based on the recent activity of DJ duo The Chainsmokers, some fans have begun speculating that the pair is releasing a collaboration with Swift on Friday.

On April 23, The Chainsmokers tweeted, "I think we should put out this new song Friday," a statement most only connected with Swift because it is the same day as her big announcement. On Thursday, a countdown appeared on the duo's Instagram Story that exactly matches the one Swift has been teasing on all of her online channels for weeks now, which is either a major coincidence, a publicity play by The Chainsmokers or a clue that the two artists are releasing music together.

The pair later referenced Swift in a tweet that read, "Damn Taylor's releasing the same day we are f—ed haha..."

When asked if they were collaborating with the 29-year-old, they responded, "Haha we wish one day," though one fan pointed out that "one day" could actually mean one day from Thursday, which would be Friday, April 26.

Also on Thursday, the duo released a snippet of their new song, which features a woman's voice singing, "Do you, do you." While the voice has not been identified, it could belong to Swift, because anything is possible with vocal effects.

Speculation in regards to Swift's announcement went into overdrive on Thursday morning when a mural in Nashville that appeared two weeks ago and was rumored to be related to the singer's upcoming news got a bit of an update, with the colorful butterfly wings now sandwiching the word "Me!"

Fans have been gathering near the mural in the hopes that Swift herself may show up, and her security team and fan club, Taylor Nation, are reportedly at the site.

On Wednesday, Swift was spotted heading to the airport in New York City, so it's possible that she is now in Nashville, though she has not yet been seen in Music City.

Fans are hoping that the star's announcement will be related to her seventh studio album, and if she does release a collaboration with The Chainsmokers, that could be the lead single from the upcoming project. Judging by the incredibly elaborate nature of Swift's recent social media teasing, it's difficult to believe that she would only be promoting a collaboration, meaning a full album is likely imminent.


UPDATE: The Chainsmokers shared a post revealing that their upcoming song is a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign and bülow titled "Do You Mean," with the news likely leaving many Swift fans relieved and others a bit let down.

Photo Credit: Getty / Axelle/Bauer-Griffin