Foo Fighters Announce First Album Since Death of Drummer Taylor Hawkins

Foo Fighters announced the band will release its first album since longtime drummer Taylor Hawkins' death in March 2022. The album, titled But Here We Are, drops June 2 on the Roswell Records/RCA Records label, with its first single, "Rescued," available for fans to listen to now. But Here We Are is a "brutally honest and emotionally raw response to everything Foo Fighters endured over the last year," the band's press release states, with "Rescued" tapping into that emotion with its heartfelt lyrics. 

Dave Grohl sings at the beginning of the new single, "It came in a flash / It came out of nowhere / It happened so fast / And then it was over / Are you thinking what I'm thinking? / Is this happening now? / Are you feeling what I'm feeling? / This is happening now." The album announcement continues, "But Here We Are is a testament to the healing powers of music, friendship and family. Courageous, damaged and unflinchingly authentic, But Here We Are opens with newly released lead single 'Rescued,' the first of 10 songs that run the emotional gamut from rage and sorrow to serenity and acceptance, and myriad points in between."

Hawkins died at the age of 50 on March 25, 2022, just before the band was scheduled to perform at a music festival in Bogota, Colombia. The drummer on Foo Fighters' new song and album has not yet been identified. When it comes to the sounds of the first album since Hawkins' death, the press release describes But Here We Are as "sonically channeling the naiveté of Foo Fighters' 1995 debut" but "informed by decades of maturity and depth."

"...But Here We Are is the sound of brothers finding refuge in the music that brought them together in the first place 28 years ago, a process that was as therapeutic as it was about a continuation of life," the statement continues. Foo Fighters have been easing back into the spotlight after paying tribute to Hawkins with two memorial concerts in London and Los Angeles in September. The band is set to resume touring on May 24 in New Hampshire.

At the end of 2022, the band shared a statement calling it "the most difficult and tragic year that our band has ever known," and assuring fans that they would continue on as a band after Hawkins' death. "Foo Fighters were formed 27 years ago to represent the healing power of music and a continuation of life," the group wrote at the time. "Without Taylor we never would have become the band that we were – and without Taylor we know that we're going to be a different band going forward."