Every Time I Die Break up Turns Ugly After Members Publicly Snipe at Each Other

Long-running metal band Every Time I Die has disbanded after more than 20 years together. Worse yet, the breakup has turned ugly after members recently began publicly sniping at each other on social media. On Jan. 17, four members of the Buffalo, New York band — Stephen Micciche, Andy Williams, Jordan Buckley and Clayton "Goose" Holyoak — issued a statement announcing they'd played their final show on Dec. 11. This was the "Tid The Season" festival, a two-day music fest the band had been putting on annually in their hometown. Prior to the festival, the band had canceled a handful of tour dates due to "health" issues vocalist Keith Buckley was facing, though it was later revealed that inner-band turmoil was the main cause of the cancellations.

In the statement from the four ex-members, they explained that they had not been in "direct communication" with Keith for some time, and implied this was a big part of why the band was ending. In response, Keith took to Twitter to share a defamation cease and desist letter he received from the band's legal representation. Jordan, his brother and now-former bandmate, replied to a fan-tweet about the letter and explained, "That was sent to let him know we'd left, and that if he wanted to replace us and continue on like we'd been hearing, we were more ok with it, we just wanted it done professionally and legally. It's actually quite smart. But I understand that people will believe whatever they want."

On Jan. 19, Keith emerged with a lengthy new statement, once again accusing he ex-bandmates of secretly attempting to oust him from the band, allegations he'd previously made following the cancelled tour dates. "After I overheard them talking about their plans to replace me while backstage in Asheville on Dec 3rd, I played the show (angrily) and immediately left the tour," he wrote in the new statement. "You all know that. What you don't know is that as soon as I got home, I made multiple attempts to talk to them about their problems with me, since up to the day before the Asheville show I genuinely thought things were better than they had been in a very long time. If you saw me perform then you would know I felt that was true."


Most recently, Micciche issued his own statement via a series of tweets, albeit reluctantly, and clarified that he and the rest of the band were not looking to get rid of Keith. "I have zero clue what Keith claims to have heard. But there was zero conversation – I mean zero – about replacing Keith as the singer of ETID," he explained. "Keith knows that 'cause I've told him that personally and via text numerous times recently and over the years." At this time, Williams and Holyoak have not issued any personal statements on the matter.