Drake and Chris Brown Accused of Ripping off Hit Song

Drake and Chris Brown are the subjects of a copyright infringement suit over their 2019 hit single "No Guidance." According to court documents obtained by TMZ, an artist who goes by the name Mr. Cooper ( born Brandon Cooper) and his producer Timothy Valentine (aka Drum'n Skillz) claim the two stars ripped off their 2016 song "I Love Your Dress."

The documents allege Cooper and Valentine are claiming. an analysis of the song will reveal the duo's track stole the rhythm, beat, lyrics, and hook of their original song. There's a specific part of the song that is being focused on ––  In Mr. Cooper's song, the artist repeats "She got it; she got it" 16 times, whereas CB's and Drake's says "You got it, girl; you got it" 11 times.  The artists say the similarities are so obvious, even the untrained ear can hear them. 

Cooper and Valentine are convinced Chris Brown and Drake "deliberately" copied the song, saying that they also threw jabs in the lyrics by using the term "flew the coop" in one of the verses. 

The Chris Brown and Drake collaboration came as a surprise to many of their fans in 2019 as it was long rumored that the two were enemies for years because of their close relationships with Rihanna. Drake clarified why they squashed their beef in 2019. "I think we just both grew up to the point that that person that was in the middle of us is like, no longer a part of either of our lives currently and I have the utmost love and respect for her," Drake told Rap Radar of Rihanna. "I think of her as family more than anything."

The rapper added that he "actually had a moment of hesitation before" the collaboration with Brown, because he didn't want to "disrespect" her. "I also know how many nights she knows that me and him have both been consumed by this issue," he said. "I think she's a good person with a good heart that would rather see us put that issue to bed than continue childish s–– that can end up in a serious situation, so I decided to go ahead with it."