Backstreet Boys and NSYNC Members Team up Again for 'I Want it That Way' Collaboration

Back-Sync's back, alright! NSYNC's Joey Fatone and Lance Bass teamed up again with Backstreet Boys [...]

Back-Sync's back, alright! NSYNC's Joey Fatone and Lance Bass teamed up again with Backstreet Boys members AJ McLean and Nick Carter Thursday, putting their own spin on the classic hit "I Want It That Way" ahead of this weekend's Bingo Under the Stars Pride event, which benefits The Trevor Project.

Showing off their signature harmonies in a rehearsal session shared to Instagram, the musicians proved they've still got their boy band chops from the '90s and '00s. The supergroup debuted earlier this month for Pride in Los Angeles, and it may have sparked a larger project, the singers told Variety. "It's interesting to have the four of us knuckleheads do something together, which you've never seen before," Fatone told the outlet. "BSB fans are very loyal, so we're going, 'We get it - certain people liked one band or the other back in the day, but now it's okay to like both.'"

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"We were just on stage going, 'Maybe we should do a supergroup and tour and do an album,'" Carter added. "We've come together for a cause greater than ourselves, so let's let it blossom into something." McLean added that that the more band members wanted the join "the merrier," explaining of the complicated scheduling, "Fans still want a Backstreet/NSYNC tour, but it's got to be all 10 of us. It's the only way to make it work, so I think he'd be sleeping on it if [Timberlake] didn't do it, but he's a dad doing his thing and I completely respect that. This four is a dream team right now."

McLean also teamed up with NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick earlier this month to debut their new collaborative single, "Air," in Las Vegas at the Music for Life fundraiser for the Victoria's Voice Foundation. McLean regularly teams up with other artists with his side band, ATCK (All the Cool Kids), which brings in a "revolving door" of musicians, he told Variety.

"There was a time when I couldn't be in the same room with this guy," Kirkpatrick admitted of the bands' rivalry at their peak. "But there's always been a mutual respect, and now that we're all parents, we've grown up. Reflecting on things, it's cool to see what each of the bands did and how it all worked together. It really was this symbiotic relationship with Backstreet, 98 Degrees, us and even O-Town and other bands that came in."