AMAs 2019: Ciara's Oversized Blue Jacket Has Twitter Sounding Off

Ciara has a big night ahead of her as she is set to host the 2019 American Music Awards. Prior to [...]

Ciara has a big night ahead of her as she is set to host the 2019 American Music Awards. Prior to stepping onto the big stage, the singer found herself drawing plenty of comments over her wardrobe choice. Typically wearing something that creates a stir, Ciara followed suit and sported what many are calling an oversized blue jacket.

One user tweeted, "Beautiful, but whyyyy is this jacket five sizes too big?"

Ciara revealed in an interview with E! News that her husband and Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, has been a big help in prepping her for her big moment.

"He is the best. He always has the right words. He is also really good at doing this kind of stuff himself, so I feel like I get inspired when I see him in his element and his zone and doing things like this," she shared. "I also learn some cool things from him. I will be like 'oh I like how he did that'. He does everything. He is the best supporter. My kids, my family. They are there for me and that makes me feel good, calm and comforted. They make me feel sure of myself and their love is a huge contribution to that."

That being said, some users joked that the jacket she showed up in to the awards ceremony looks like something her husband would wear.

Outfit aside, Ciara, who has been nominated for two AMA awards in her career, is poised to shine as the host of the 47th American Music Awards. She shared with Entertainment Tonight when it was revealed she would be the emcee that the moment will be truly special for her.

"It's special. It's kind of surreal -- it's like pinching myself, and going, 'This is literally 15 years ago.' Like, 15 years ago sounds so far away," she said. "To see this generation dancing to that song like it's a new song, and it's falling right into the pocket of what's happening now, it's kind of crazy. It also shows you the cycle of music and how different times repeat themselves all over again."

The 2019 AMA's kick off at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.