Alicia Keys and Boys II Men Give Beautiful Kobe Bryant Tribute During Grammys Opening After His Death

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant left a somber mood across the Grammy Awards as the event took place at the Staples Center. The arena was home to Bryant's illustrious 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. His jersey, which hangs in the rafters, was cast with a spotlight throughout the evening.

Alicia Keys, in her second consecutive year as host, had the difficult task of opening the show with her monologue. She found the words to deliver an emotional message about Bryant and his impact on the building, the city and the world.

"We are all standing here heartbroken in the house that Kobe Bryant built," Keys noted in her message.

Along with Keys, Boyz II Men made an appearance as they came out and sang "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye" for the Philadelphia native.

Keys' opening was a huge success according to the viewers.

"Alicia Keys just solidified her role to host the Grammys for the next decade," one user tweeted. "Thank you for giving the world the perfect heartfelt show open."

"Whoever decided to put this together the day of this tragedy on such short notice is brilliant," another wrote.

The passing of Bryant created chaos around the Staples Center. With the traffic from the Grammy Awards, the downtown section was hit with thousands of mourners donning Lakers and Bryant gear outside of the arena.

Fans in and around the center came to pay their respects for the longtime star of the city.

"Went to Staples Center to pay my respects to Kobe. LA lost a true legend, and the crowds that came out showed just how much he meant to this city," the tweet read.


City officials, though, urged the crowds to go elsewhere, however that didn't seem to stop the crowds from forming and paying their tributes to Bryant following the tragic events.