Rick Ross 911 Call: Rapper 'Breathing Hard and Throwing up'

Rick Ross was coughing up blood, breathing hard and was in and out of consciousness before a friend called 911 in the early hours of Thursday, March 1.

In audio from the 911 call made last week from Ross' Miami home, a male caller claimed Ross was breathing heavily, was throwing up and had taken medication earlier but needed an ambulance. The caller also mentioned Ross' previous history with seizures.

Emergency responders responded to the rapper's home at 3:30 a.m.

"I have a friend of mine, at his house, he's breathing hard and throwing up. I need an ambulance here ASAP," a friend told emergency responders in the 911 call.

"I know he's had seizures before. He took his medicine earlier, but he's not breathing right," he said, naming the distressed man as William Roberts, Rick Ross' real name.

The caller, whose name is withheld in the call, struggled to find the rapper's address as he spoke to emergency services. He looked around inside the home fo email before heading outside to find the street name and house number.

The caller also said that when he tried to wake the rapper, he was "slobbing out the mouth."

"I just happened to get up and go up and check," the friend told emergency responders. "Our friend... was kind of breathing hard."

He added: "He has cold sweats and is breathing real hard. He's been shaking real bad."

Later in the conversation, the man said Ross had been vomiting, and "when it came up it looked a little like blood."

The Daily Mail reports that Ross was treated in the Memorial Regional Hospital's cardiac unit in Hollywood, Florida after emergency responders took him from his home last week. It is suspected the star suffered a heart attack, which manifested itself in respiratory issues.

Despite rumors that Ross was hooked up to a "life support" device to help him breathe, his family and fellow hip hop artist Fat Trel denied he needed a device to breathe on his own.

Trel took to Instagram posting a photo of Ross and writing that he talked to him on the phone: "HE IN DA HOSPITAL BUT HE IS NOT ON 'LIFE SUPPORT'…HE GOOD."

Ross' family even denied that Ross was hospitalized at all.

While Ross' reps and family members denied his hospitalization, his former girlfriend and the mother of his child, told PEOPLE to "pray for him."

The rapper's Instagram account was updated over the duration of his reported hospitalization, but Thursday, March 8 the rapper signed a post himself, indicating that he posted it. In the caption, he alluded to the fact that he was home from the hospital.

(Photo: Instagram / @richforever)

"Ain't nothing like home," he captioned an apparently old photo of himself, adding "I love y'all - WLR."

He signed the post "WLR," for his real name of William Leonard Roberts.