'Wedding at Graceland': Is the Hallmark Movie Based on a True Story?

This weekend, Hallmark Channel kicked off its June Weddings lineup with Wedding at Graceland, and many fans were left wondering how much of the film was based on a true story.

Wedding at Graceland is a Hallmark original movie that premiered on Saturday, June 1, kicking off the network's June Weddings event and wedding season in real life as well. It was shot on location at Elvis Presley's home, but according to a report by Romper, the historical connections may begin and end there.

Wedding at Graceland is a sequel to Chrismas at Graceland, one of Hallmark's most successful original films in recent memory. The movie was written by Gregg Rossen, Brian Sawyer and Duane Poole, who all have long resumes and many other credits with Hallmark. The team has worked on films like Christmas Connection, A Gingerbread Romance and Royally Ever After.

Obviously, this means they have a knack for fiction, which would explain why so many fans thought that Wedding at Graceland might be a true story. Instead, the movie may have actually inspired a love story rather than the other way around.

The movie's production supervisor, Julie Lightly reportedly married production coordinator Trey Fox during the filming of Wedding at Graceland. The two walked down the aisle together in the middle of filming actors Kellie Pickler and Wes Brown doing so, inviting their co-workers along for the ride.

"The Hallmark movies always have a perfect ending," said Fox's mother, Beverly, on Commercial Appeal. "So this sounded like an excellent place to have a wedding."

In Wedding at Graceland, American Idol alum Pickler reprised her role as Laurel Couper from Christmas at Graceland. Fox, too, reprised his role as Clay Sheppard, and proposes to Laurel, asking her to marry him in the Chapel at Graceland.

The couple plans their dream wedding in just three weeks in the film, with pressure coming from both families and from each other as well. The drama inevitably leads to a crisis, with the couple close to their breaking point yet again.


Wedding at Graceland pays homage to Elvis as the King of Rock and Roll and the American cultural icon that he is. The movie uses some of his most popular songs, and includes many nods to his life and work as well.

Wedding at Graceland premiered on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, June 1. It is available to stream on the network's app, which can be downloaded on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and other devices.