'The Batman Part II' Release Date Revealed

The Batman Part II, a sequel to Matt Reeves' Oscar-nominated Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, is still in the works. The project survived new DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran's vision for DC Comics movies going forward and will be part of their "Elseworlds" branding. The Batman Part II even received a release date.

The Batman sequel will hit theaters on Oct. 3, 2025. Reeves confirmed the news by simply retweeting Variety and adding three bat emojis. No plot synopsis or other details were unveiled. It's also not clear where the story will fit alongside Reeves' HBO Max series featuring his take on The Penguin villain, played by Colin Farrell.

The Batman hit theaters in March 2022 and was a big financial and critical success, despite running nearly three hours. It is set in its own universe, with Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman/Selina Kyle. Paul Dano also starred as Edward Nashton, a completely new take on the classic Riddler villain. Jeffrey Wright starred as this universe's James Gordon, and Andy Serkis played Bruce's butler Alfred Pennyworth. The movie was nominated for Best Sound, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and Best Visual Effects at the 95th Academy Awards.

Reeves met with Safran and Gunn this month to iron out how his take on Batman will work while their larger DC Studios franchise introduces another Batman. Before the meeting, Reeves told Collider that they needed to make sure these two franchises don't butt heads.

"I had this dream for the way I wanted that to play out and that's part of what I'm going to be talking to them about in a few weeks," Reeves explained before the meeting. "They're going to be talking to me about what they're doing in their ten-year plan or certainly what's in the near future as well so that we can understand that we're not – it's air traffic control – we don't want to be crashing into each other. We want to support each other. I'm super excited. I'm really excited to hear about what they're doing and to be working with them. It's going to be cool."

On Monday, Gunn and Safran held a press event at the Warner Bros. lot to unveil the first chapter of their DC Universe, which they called "God and Monsters." The lineup includes a new Batman movie called The Brave and The Bold, which will be inspired by Grant Morrison's stories that introduced Bruce's son, Damian Wayne. The Batman Part II and its associated projects will be marketed under the "Elseworlds" banner, alongside Toff Phillips' upcoming Joker: Folie à Deux and the beloved Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go!.

Ta-Nehisi Coates' Superman movie, produced by J.J. Abrams, is also still in development. Gunn and Sagran's DCU will start off with their Superman movie, Superman: Legacy, which opens on July 11, 2025. It is not expected to be an origin story but will instead explore how Superman balances being a son of Krypton and Earth.