‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Ron Perlman Is a Brutal Hitman in New Trailer for 'Asher'

Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman is a brutal hitman in the new trailer for his upcoming film Asher.

In the film, Perlman stars as the title character, Asher, who is "a former Mossad agent turned gun for hire, living an austere life in an ever changing Brooklyn," per the film's official synopsis.

"Approaching the end of his career he breaks the oath he took as a young man when he meets Sophie (Famke Janssen) on a hit gone wrong," the synopsis adds. "In order to have love in his life before it's too late, he must kill the man he was, for a chance at becoming the man he wants to be."

In addition to Perlman and Janssen, Asher also co-stars Peter Facinelli (The Twilight Saga), Nadine Velazquez (My Name Is Earl), Richard Dreyfuss (Krippendorf's Tribe), Jacqueline Bisset (Murder on the Orient Express - 1974), and Richard Schiff (The West Wing).

Asher was written by Jay Zaretsky (Justified) ad directed by Michael Caton-Jones (City by the Sea, The Jackal).

Perlman has starred in a number of film and TV projects over the years, with his role as Clay Morrow on Sons of Anarchy being the most notable these days.

In a past interview, Perlman spoke candidly about what it was like to experience the death of a character after mentally and emotionally inhabiting them for so many years, as Morrow was killed off in the show's sixth season.

"Well, what you're thinking is let me get this moment right, you know? Did I like the fact that I was shot in the jugular, that Jax readjusts his aim to make it even uglier than it needed to be? No," he shared.

"I mean, you know, Ron and Clay are two separate entities. But Ron is hired to play Clay. And so Ron doesn't exist in that moment. All that exists is getting it to the point where everyone who's playing that scene is on the same page and you make it look as - as realistic as possible," Perlman continued.

"It's a brutal moment. Is it fun? No. But is it inevitable? I mean, the minute you start something, it's going to end. And if you get a chance to go as long and make as much noise as we did, then, you know, there's - the good far outweighs the parts of it that you're probably hearing in my voice right now, which is that it's difficult," the actor added.


Asher will be available to watch in theaters, OnDemand and Digital HD on Dec. 7, 2018.