'Sons of Anarchy' Alum Ron Perlman Lands Role in 'Monster Hunter' Video Game Movie

Sons of Anarchy alum Ron Perlman has landed a role in the upcoming Monster Hunter video game [...]

Sons of Anarchy alum Ron Perlman has landed a role in the upcoming Monster Hunter video game movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Perlman joins actress Milla Jovovich and rapper/actor T.I. Harris in the film that will be written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

The premise of the film is currently unknown, but the video game series is essentially just what it's title suggests, revolving around a crew of monster hunters.

Anderson is most well-known for his work creating the Resident Evil film franchice, but he also directed films like Mortal Kombat, Alien vs. Predator, Death Race (2008), and Event Horizon.

Perlman has also been involved in a number of film projects throughout the years, but his part as Clay Morrow on Sons of Anarchy thas become his most recognizable role.

Morrow was in the majority of the show, but was shockingly killed off in season six, a fact that Perlman told NPR's Terry Gross he only found out about himself the beginning of the season.

"[Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter] brought me in at the beginning of season six and told me that I would not make it to the end of the season. So that's how I found out," he explained.

"So season six was rather uncomfortable for me on a lot of levels, partially because of how much I grew to love the guys and the world of the show and what we had built together," he continued. "And, you know, it was what it was, and it was never anything that was in my control. The places the character went were places I felt very uncomfortable going as an actor, things that he was given to do..."

Perlman later spoke candidly about what its like to experience the death of a character after mentally and emotionally inhabiting them for so many years.

"Well, what you're thinking is let me get this moment right, you know? Did I like the fact that I was shot in the jugular, that Jax readjusts his aim to make it even uglier than it needed to be? No," he said.

"I mean, you know, Ron and Clay are two separate entities. But Ron is hired to play Clay. And so Ron doesn't exist in that moment. All that exists is getting it to the point where everyone who's playing that scene is on the same page and you make it look as - as realistic as possible," Perlman went on to say.

"It's a brutal moment. Is it fun? No. But is it inevitable? I mean, the minute you start something, it's going to end. And if you get a chance to go as long and make as much noise as we did, then, you know, there's - the good far outweighs the parts of it that you're probably hearing in my voice right now, which is that it's difficult," the actor added.

At this time, the Monster Hunter film does not have an announced release date, but fans can catch Perlman in the upcoming action-drama Asher.