Potential 'Easy A' Sequel in the Works

A sequel to Easy A may be in the works, according to one of the movie's stars, Aly Michalka. The Aly and A.J. singer said in an interview with E! News this weekend that "there are talks that there might be a sequel" to Easy. Fans' imaginations are running wild with ideas for that movie.

"That actually is semi-real," Michalka assured reporters. "It would be kind of like a new retelling but you'd see some of the characters from the original come back into the story." Michalka starred in Easy A with Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes and others back in 2010. The movie was essentially a modern take on The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Michalka seemed to suggest that a sequel would take that classic story on in a different way.

Michalka also revealed in the same interview that there is an unreleased R-rated version of Easy A out there somewhere, which she said was "very raunchy." She reflected: "I think it probably made it more successful to not be an R-rated movie."

Of course, in an age where director's cuts and other alternative versions have become more popular than ever, an R-rated version of Easy A could certainly find its audience. A.J. Michalka joked that even the mention of this elusive cut will "cause a whole thing," and added: "Aly said it!"

On a more serious note, A.J. said that the character Rhiannon Abernathy is "one of my favorite parts Aly's ever played... I remember really enjoying being on the set of because A, I liked the people a lot. Like all the cast was really fun. And B, I also liked seeing Aly exercise her comedy chops as much as she was able to in that movie, which you hadn't fully done yet in a film."


Aly's character Rhiannon was the best friend of Stone's character Olive, though the movie conspires to drive them apart. According to Michalka, a potential sequel likely wouldn't focus directly on Olive, Todd (Badgley) or Rhiannon, but on a new generation of characters struggling with the same problems.

Fans interested in revisiting Easy A will find it unfortunately difficult to track down on streaming services. At the time of this writing, it is not included with any streaming subscriptions, but it can be found on digital stores like Amazon Prime Video, iTunes or YouTube for rental or purchase.