'Pitch Perfect' Spinoff Announced

Adam Devine will reprise his role as Bumper Allen in an upcoming Pitch Perfect spinoff series headed to Peacock, the NBCUniversal streaming service confirmed Tuesday. A TV series adaptation of the beloved film franchise, the upcoming spinoff series will shift focus from the Barden Bellas — composed of the characters portrayed by Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp — and instead center on Devine's character Bumper Allen, the leader of the all-male rival a cappella group the Treblemakers.

Fans of Pitch Perfect will recall that Bumper, the love interest of Rebel Wilson's character Fat Amy, last appeared in 2015's Pitch Perfect 2, which saw him working as a backup singer for John Mayer before returning to his alma mater, Barden University, as a security guard. Peacock's spinoff series, titled Pitch Perfect, will be set several years after Devine's final appearance in the franchise and will follow Bumper as he moves to Germany "to revive his music career when one of his songs becomes big in Berlin." Susan Rovner, Chairman for Entertainment Content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, said they are "fortunate that Adam Devine is headlining the series and bringing fans the quirky, laugh-out-loud sensibility they loved in the film franchise."  

"We're so happy to have the opportunity to bring the beloved Universal Pictures franchise Pitch Perfect to the small screen and to explore the hilarious and distinct characters in this (musical-filled) world," Erin Underhill, President of Universal Television, added in a statement.  "We're lucky to partner with the talented Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman and Paul Brooks, who produced the iconic films; the exceptionally funny and memorable Adam Devine; and Megan Amram, whose clever adaptation of Pitch Perfect is sure to have audiences laughing out loud and tapping their feet." 

It is unclear at this time if any Pitch Perfect alums will reprise their roles in the Peacock series. The film franchise, which kicked off with 2012's Pitch Perfect, largely focused on the Barden Bellas - Kendrick's Beca Mitchell, Wilson's Fat Amy, Snow's Chloe Beale, Camp's Aubrey Posen, Alexis Knapp's Stacie Conrad, Ester Dean's Cynthia Rose Adams, Hana Mae Lee's Lilly Onakuramara, Kelley Alice Jakle's Jessica, Wanetah Walmsley's Denise, Shelley Regner's Ashley, Caroline Fourmy's Mary-Elise, and Nicole Lovince 's Kori - as they competed against another a cappella group from their college to win Nationals. The film franchise, which includes two other films, was loosely adapted from Mickey Rapkin's book Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory. What is known about the spinoff is that the series will be executive produced by Devine, Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, Paul Brooks, Scott Neimeyer, and Megan Amram. Pitch Perfect the series does not yet have a premiere date.