'Pitch Perfect' Star Skylar Astin Reveals Whether He's up for a Fourth Movie (Exclusive)

After first releasing in 2012, Pitch Perfect went on to become a fan-favorite and thanks to its [...]

After first releasing in 2012, Pitch Perfect went on to become a fan-favorite and thanks to its popularity, the cast was able to re-join one another for two more films, turning the film into a franchise of three movies. But the question remains — will there be a fourth movie? During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Pitch Perfect actor Skylar Astin touched on what "bonded" the talented cast in the first place to spark such a response from fans, and addressed whether he would ever be down for another movie.

"Well, you know, especially on the first movie — when we were all kind of putting it together for the first time and finding the tone of the film, 'cause you know, there's a lot of comedy, there's obviously a ton of heart and of course there's music and in moments like the initial riff off, we all rehearsed that in an actual hollowed-out pool, and we really try to play the game of the riff-off to try to complete someone's song with a new song," Astin explained in detail. "It was moments like that, that really bonded us all as a cast and as an ensemble."

The 33-year-old then detailed the audition sequence in the first film and explained how it wasn't them just acting — they were actually doing it "for real" and "really sang Acapella" for the moment. "When we were able to do things like the audition sequence in the first movie everybody actually went up there on stage for real and really sang Acapella," Astin explained. "We really all felt like we were initiated into this franchise, and not only did it bring us together but I think it brought fans in and turned it into the trilogy that it is today."

After Pitch Perfect 3 came out in 2017, fans are now wondering if there will be another one to follow. Members of the cast including Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson possibly teased the fourth film, but nothing has been confirmed yet. In 2018, Wilson took to Twitter to show a photo of her and some of the cast members holding up the number four, leading fans to believe it was really happening; however, fans are still waiting, begging to question if it will ever actually happen. In 2019, actress Laura Marano somehow got looped into rumors that she would be joining the cast for a possible fourth film. But when she spoke to PopCulture.com, she confessed she had no idea how those rumors started.

It's safe to say, fans are ready for another Pitch Perfect, and if they were to do that, Astin says he'd be down for it. "A fourth Pitch Perfect? Hey, I mean, you know they know where to find me," he said when asked if he would be up for a fourth part. "I'm on board, of course! I think it's kind of funny because now where it sits with the third movie, it's like — time is only our friend. I mean, I would like to do it next month, but I think that there's no world in which it doesn't happen in five years. I wouldn't want fans to have to wait that long but you know, since it's a collegiate movie, there's nothing like a reunion to see where people are." No matter where they'll be, Astin said they'll still be "making music with our mouth."

Since starring in the first two films, Astin has kept busy with his leading role in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and making music. He also recently partnered with Temptations as they recently launched two new cat treat products, Meaty Bites and Creamy-purrr-ée, since he's the proud owner of his cat Annabelle.