Netflix Fans Are Furious 'Elf' Isn't Available

The holiday season is a time for tradition, and many fans are taking it pretty hard that their favorite Christmas movie isn't available on their preferred streaming service. On Twitter, a loud growing contingent of Will Ferrell die-hards are publicly shaming Netflix for leaving Elf out of its catalogue. It's all in fun, and most people are just trying to get in the holiday spirit, but some of the indignant tweets are getting pretty heated.

Netflix is pretty universal these days -- most households have it. So when something is missing from the streaming service, people can take it a little personally. It's as if Netflix is conspiring to keep their favorite movie away from them, and they need to fight the power.

The titular hero of Elf, buddy is one of the most relatable characters in holiday special history. He embodies everything that people love about Christmas: earnest love, child-like wonderment, and endless stores of sugar-fueled energy.

Many are taking to Twitter to simply voice their outrage about their favorite movie's absence. Others are calling Netflix out. Many users have tweeted at the streaming company, asking why the movie is missing. Maybe enough fan write-ins will pressure the company to shell out for the rights to the holiday classic.

However, while those that stream and binge their TV are mourning, regular cable viewers are rejoicing. Elf is playing tonight -- and many nights throughout the month -- on FreeForm! As sad as some Netflix subscribers were when the say that the movie wasn't streaming, FreeForm viewers are equally happy, if that's possibile.


There are holiday classics for everyone. Some people watch It's A Wonderful Life while they decorate their tree, some people watch Die Hard while they wrap presents. This person only wants to watch one thing.