MTV Movie and TV Awards Just Took Over TV Land, and Viewers Are Beyond Irked

The MTV Movie and TV Awards is taking over TV screens on Monday night, but not all those viewing are doing so willingly.

Viacom, which owns MTV, chose to simulcast the annual awards show on almost all of its channels, including VH1, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.

However, out of all those interruptions, it seems like TV Land fans were the most up-in-arms over the broadcast giant's decision.

Particularly, fans of Everybody Love Raymond took to Twitter livid that the powers that be decided to disrupt their viewing schedule.

Many noted that their routines revolved around enjoying old episodes of the CBS sitcom, which ended in 2005. Others noted that the types of shows promoted on the awards show are very different from the interests of the TV Land audience.

This strategy is fairly common for Viacom to do, as they are known to take over other networks to help get as many eyes as possible on their high profile broadcasts. They recently aired the CMT Music Awards on other outlets, including MTV.


Despite this precedent, many thought this latest broadcast was overkill.

As mentioned, the MTV Movie and TV Awards is currently airing on MTV, as well as on many other Viacom networks.