Superman Shakeup: Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Eyed as Henry Cavill's Replacement

Following the news that Henry Cavill will no longer be playing Superman, it's been reported that Michael B. Jordan is being eyed as his replacement.

According to, Warner Bros. and DC are seriously considering hiring an African-American actor for Superman, with their specific focus on Jordan at this time.

The outlet notes, however, that this is not necessarily an immediate change, but may happen "down the road."

The news of Cavill no longer starring as The Man of Steel was quite the surprise to fans, but not quite as surprising as hearing that Jordan was a new contender for the role.

Many have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the proposed changed and its clear that the fandom is split over the choice.

"Michael B. Jordan shouldn't play Kal-El but he is not a bad actor let's not say that," one fan tweeted.

"If y'all let Michael B Jordan play Superman Ima be out there protesting right next to the white people," someone else joked.

"I don't want Michael B. Jordan to play Superman, not because he's black, but because Superman is so f—ing boring and Michael B. Jordan doesn't deserve that," another person quipped.

While the idea of a "black Superman" seems pretty far-fetched to most, TV/comic book writer Tom Taylor pointed out that Superman has kind of already been portrayed this way in the past.

Taylor brought up the time he and artist Nicola Scott created a version of Superman for their Earth 2 comic, though it should be noted that this character was named Val-Zod and not Kal-El.


At this time, Jordan does not appear to have commented on the Superman rumors.