Here's What Kevin G. From 'Mean Girls' Is Doing Now

Remember Kevin G., the rapping math expert from Mean Girls? While other stars from the movie seem to stay in the headlines, it seems like the kid who played Kevin has just vanished.

Well, that's because he did. However, the story of Rajiv Surendra after the release of Mean Girls is one that you'll want to know.

During a recent video for Tech Insider, Surendra told fans about where he's been, and what he's been doing, since Mean Girls was released 13 years ago. To everyone's surprise, his journey has taken him all over the world, and back to New York City.

Surendra starts the video by talking about Mean Girls, and how he liked the role of Kevin because it broke through the stereotypes that Indian actors often faced. Close to the end of production on the movie, Surendra was made aware of another role that he loved.

Someone on set introduced the actor to Life of Pi, the book about an Indian boy who crosses the ocean on a raft, accompanied by a tiger. Rajiv Surendra fell in love with this character, and it became his dream to land the leading role in the movie.

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The actor dropped out of college, moved to India, and enrolled in the same school as the character in the book. He wanted to study for this role as much as he could, because he didn't want it to pass him by.

Life of Pi went through six directors before it was eventually given to Ang Lee, who decided he didn't want an actor in the lead role at all. He wanted a real boy from India in the role.

Surendra's dreams were crushed, causing to him to run away from home. He ended up in Munich, where he worked as a nanny for two years.

Today, Surendra lives in New York City, where he owns his own calligraphy business - Letters In Ink. He's also written a memoir about his journey, 'Elephants In My Backyard'.

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If you were a fan of Surendra's acting, there's no reason to fear. He ended the video by stating that he's still auditioning for TV and movie roles.

To watch Rajiv tell the story himself, watch the full video here.