Devastating 'Southpaw' Scene Resurfaces, and Fans Are in Tears

Twitter users began posting a series of photos recently while taking part in a discussion about [...]

Twitter users began posting a series of photos recently while taking part in a discussion about sad moments in cinematic history. One person took part by comparing moments from the boxing film Southpaw. They showed off pure happiness — as well as utter despair — with two simple photos.

The user tweeted images that showed Jake Gyllenhaal during the boxing film. He danced with Rachel McAdams in one image that depicted a happy moment. The second had a very different tone. The actor had blood on his shirt as he held McAdams in his arms. The moment was obviously emotional, but those that have watched the boxing film knew what followed.

The scene depicted took place at a fundraising ball fairly early in the film. Billy and his wife dance together, but a fellow boxer named Miguel "Magic" Escobar interrupts them. He delivers a taunting challenge to Billy, saying that he is going to take "his belt and his b—," prompting a punch in return. A brawl breaks out, resulting in Miguel's brother pulling out a gun and shooting Billy's wife. She succumbs to her wounds and sets off a chain reaction.

Released in 2015, Southpaw stars Gyllenhaal as Billy "The Great" Hope, the reigning junior middleweight boxing champion. He has an impressive career, a loving wife and daughter, and a lifestyle fitting with his successes in the boxing ring. However, everything comes crashing down after his wife's tragic death.

Following the fatal incident at the fundraising ball, Billy begins a quest to find Miguel and Hector while his life descends into chaos. He loses his home and possessions, Child Protective Services take his daughter, and he receives a suspension after punching a boxing referee in the face.

Billy does ultimately begin the journey to redemption after meeting Tick Willis (Forest Whitaker). The former fighter trains amateur boxers, and he offers Billy a job as a janitor. They continue to work together after a promoter sets up a massive fight against Miguel. Billy secures a win by decision, becomes the new champion, and reunites with his daughter.

Southpaw released to mixed reviews from critics, resulting in a 60% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The critics praised Gyllenhaal's performance during the boxing drama but had issues with other aspects. Specifically, some mentioned "genre cliches" while calling Southpaw a dispiriting drama. The viewers, on the other hand, were more positive overall.