Crew Member on Tom Hanks' Mr. Rogers Movie Dies After Falling 2 Stories on Set

A crew member on Tom Hanks' Mr. Rogers movie had died after reportedly falling two stories on [...]

A crew member on Tom Hanks' Mr. Rogers movie had died after reportedly falling two stories on set.

According to ET Online, the man identified as 61-year-old James Emswiller — a member of the film's sound crew — may have suffered a heart attack before falling from the balcony he was standing on during a break from filming You Are My Friend.

Other crew members reported hearing the fall and then rushed to see Emswiller laying unconscious. An on-set nurse provided life-saving treatment but the man was reportedly in cardiac arrest once paramedics arrived.

"All of a sudden, all of these lights were just everywhere, and they started inching closer toward us shining into the bar, and I was like. 'What is happening out there?' And there was just people everywhere, people on the curb sitting," Vince Passerini, a local in the ares said of the commotion.

"We asked, 'What's happening inside?' And they said they're making a Mr. Rogers movie or something," he continued.

"There were a bunch of fire trucks, like maybe two of three ambulances, it was a large commotion, everyone was staring," local Sarah Pfabe added. "We saw one ambulance leave; they had the lights on but not the siren."

While it has not been confirmed by medical officials that Emswiller did suffer a heart attack before his fall, it's reported that police believe this is what happened.

Little information has been provided about Emswiller at this time but it is known that he is form Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and CBS journalist Meghan Schiller reported that he won an Emmy in 2015 for sound mixing.

"The sound mixer and Pittsburger who died last night while on set in Mt Lebo of Mr. Rogers You Are My Friend movie had won in Emmy in 2015 for sound mixing," she tweeted.

At this time, film producers do not appear to have commented on Emswiller's death.