'Boss Level': Action Film Featuring Rob Gronkowski and Rampage Jackson Gets Release Date

Three professional athletes are about to show off their action skills for an upcoming movie. Boss Level, a film starring Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson, will hit Hulu on March 5 and put a new spin on the time-loop storyline made popular by Palm Springs and Groundhog Day. NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski and former UFC stars Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad Evans are part of the cast and will show off their violent sides.

According to the synopsis, Boss Level follows Roy Pulver (Grillo), a former special forces agent caught in a death and time loop situation. He discovers clues leading back to a secret government project led by Col. Clive Ventor (Gibson) that could explain why he is stuck in an endless loop. Pulver tries to hunt down Ventor and get some answers, but he also has to track down his ex-wife, played by Naomi Watts. To make matters even more difficult, Pulver has to deal with a large number of assassins attempting to kill him in a multitude of ways.

The brief trailer shows two of the athletes in their respective roles. Jackson and Evans play unnamed German twins that succeed in killing Pulver multiple times. The clip didn't show their faces, but Jackson posted about the movie and said that he and Evans worked together, marking a departure from their previous battle in UFC 114. Gronkowski doesn't fully make an appearance in the trailer, but IMDb confirmed that he plays a character named Gunner.

"I'm a big football fan, so I loved the idea of Gronkowski being in the film," director Joe Carnahan said during a 2020 interview, per Collider. "Sherry Thomas, who is one of the casting [directors], is the biggest Patriots fan on the planet. So when he showed up — they didn't tell her he was coming — she lost her mind; they filmed it. She lost her mind when Gronkowski showed up. But he was also one of the loveliest, sweetest guys."


Carnahan and Grillo also explained that they brought in Evans and Jackson knowing of their previous MMA rivalry. They decided to mix up the formula and have them join forces as twins. Carnahan also had some experience with Jackson due to casting him to play B.A. Baracus in The A-Team.

Boss Level features several other high-profile actors that try to aid — or kill — Pulver. The list includes Annabelle Wallis, Michelle Yeoh, Ken Jeong, Will Sasso, Selina Lo, and Meadow Williams. Carnahan directed the film using a script he co-wrote with Chris Borey (Open Grave), Eddie Borey (Open Grave). Carnahan, Grillo, Randall Emmett, and George Furla also served as producers on the project.