Ally Sheedy Calls out 'Uncomfortable' Part of 'The Breakfast Club'

While The Breakfast Club is widely considered a classic, it does have its awkward moments. One of them comes towards the end, when Ally Sheedy's Allison Reynolds is transformed from her dark, brooding personality into a preppy teenager wearing a bow in her hair. Even Sheedy admits the makeover made her feel "uncomfortable."

"It was uncomfortable even when we were filming it," Sheedy told Page Six recently while promoting her new project, Feefrom's Single Drunk Female. "It was one of those things, though. It was the '80s, and we got to take this young woman who seems like a crazy person and make her into, you know, somebody pretty or whatever it was." Sheedy said she agrees that Allison was "much more delicious" before she wore a bow in her hair.

Sheedy, 59, is still thankful for starring in John Hughes' The Breakfast Club, which hit theaters in 1985. She called the movie "nothing but a gift," adding that she couldn't predict it would be such an instant success. "I didn't really understand how much [of a] success it was at the time," Sheedy added. "I didn't have any idea that it would continue going on and have this extended life."

This was not the first time Sheedy has publicly criticized Allison's transformation. In 2020, she told The Independent she fought with Hughes to change it. "Listen, it was Hollywood in the Eighties," Sheedy said. "They wanted to take the ugly duckling and make her into a swan. I didn't want anyone to be putting makeup on my face, so I tried to negotiate with John that it would be about taking stuff off, or Allison taking down this wall that she had put up to keep people at arm's length."

Since The Breakfast Club, Sheedy has starred in dozens of other movies, but Single Drunk Female is her first starring role on television, aside from guest appearances and made-for-TV movies. In the series, she slays the lead character's mother, Carol. Sofia Black-D'Elia plays the titular single drunk female, a 28-year-old who moves back home after hitting rock bottom. Episodes air Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on Freeform and are available to stream on Hulu.


"I had so much fun playing this character," Sheedy told Page Six of Carol. "I love the messiness of it." However, Sheedy is not like Carol in real life with her son, Beckett Lansbury, 27. "I have to remember my kid is 27," the City College of New York theater teacher said. "He has a life, you know. Not sit here thinking, 'All right, he didn't call me, didn't text me.'"