Laurie Metcalf 'Can't Believe' First Oscar Nomination

The Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday, and Lady Bird actress Laurie Metcalf "can’t believe" she picked one up.

Not only that, but she is also starting a brand new stage production today that she is very excited for, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“I just got to New York last night,” Metcalf told reporters. “I can’t believe it. Two really great things happening on the first day of rehearsals.”

The 62-year-old actress mentioned that she has already texted her co-star Saoirse Ronan, as well as Greta Gerwig, the director of Lady Bird, both of whom picked up Nominations of their own.

“It’s so wonderful to have that kind of recognition for a project that you fell in love with and watched everyone pour their heart and soul into making it,” Metcalf continued.

The news comes with one small hitch, as the new play Metcalf is in will be doing previews the same time as The Oscars.

“I’ll have to do a show and fly in on a red eye or something and then fly right back out. But, you know, champagne problems,” the actress concluded.

In 2017, Lady Bird become the highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes, achieving what many may have thought to be impossible and landing at a 100 percent Fresh rating for a period of time out of a total of 177 reviews.

In addition to the great news about her Academy Award nomination, Metcalf also has the upcoming Rosanne reboot for fans to look forward to.

Speaking about getting back together with the cast of the series, Metcalf, who plays Roseanne's sister on the show, said, "I wanted to immediately jump back in to that world again. We were a family for nine seasons, and I had a feeling that as soon as we stepped back onto the stage again it would just reappear and it did."

"All the chemistry came back [as did] the history, and I knew that the fans would be really curious to see this family that they knew, and see what they're up to again. Why not revisit these people that were so funny and close, and had such crazy dynamics between them, and see what they're up to," Metcalf concluded.