Jackie Chan Confirms 'Rush Hour 4' Is Happening

A decade after Rush Hour 3 was released, Jackie Chan has finally confirmed that Rush Hour 4 is happening.

During an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, the 63-year-old actor answered a fan question about a potential fourth Rush Hour while promoting his upcoming film The Foreigner.

"Good news. Next year, Rush Hour 4, and I hope the script [is] done," he said. "And day after tomorrow we meet the director and Chris Tucker again to make sure we go the right track."

Chan doesn't mention who is directing the film, however, he likely means Brett Ratner, who helmed the first three movies.

The original film in the comedy-action franchise was a breakout film in the U.S. for Chan. The buddy cop flicks feature Chan and his fast-talking partner Chris Tucker teaming up to fight crime. The combination of Chan's fighting skills and Tucker's comedic timing made for a hit franchise that found major box office success.

While the first two movies were generally well-received by audiences, Rush Hour 3 didn't manage to hit home with fans of the franchise. Apparently, Chan felt the same way about the third installment.

"Nothing particularly exciting stood out that made this movie special for me," he said. "I spent four months making this film and I still don't fully understand the humor."

Despite the lack of fresh humor and new territory in Rush Hour 3, it's fair to say that fans will be excited to learn that Rush Hour 4 is on the way.

At this time, Rush Hour 4 does not have an official release date.