X Factor Teen Loses It Onstage After Simon Cowell's Response

For anyone who ever used to watch Simon Cowell on American Idol or now watches him on X Factor UK, you know that he is a notoriously tough judge. However, that is what makes him one of the best judges in the reality competition series.

Because he typically is throwing out a scathing critique, when he actually does give praiseworthy feedback, everyone knows that it is genuine.

On the X Factor UK 2016 6-chair Challenge, Simon was faced with a massively tough decision when the last contestant showed up. When 16-year-old Olivia Garcia walked on stage, the odds were stacked against her as all six chairs were already full with talented contestants.

It was going to be difficult to decide on who to give one of the final chairs to if someone needed to be kicked off, and the judges knew that Simon would not be easily convinced to remove any of the participants that already earned a chair.

Young Olivia Garcia was visibly nervous as she took her place on stage. When she said that she "only hopes to make Simon proud," her voice cracked as the nerves seemingly were taking over.

As the music began playing, Simon looked over to his fellow judges and said, "She's so nervous."

While Simon may have been momentarily under the impression that Garcia would not be able to perform, he was instantly blown away from the first note that Garcia sang. The rest of the judges couldn't contain their excitement, and the look on Simon's face says it all.

Check out the video above to see Olivia Garcia's incredible performance and Simon Cowell's shocking reaction.


How would you feel if you had to perform a song in front of Simon Cowell on X Factor UK?

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