Woman Killed By Ants After Vigilantes Mistakenly Tie Her To A Tree

After being mistaken for a car thief, a woman in Bolivia was apprehended by a group of vigilantes and bound to a tree for her crimes. While restrained, the woman was repeatedly bitten by venomous ants, which caused so much swelling in her windpipe that she wasn't able to breathe and died on the way to the hospital.

The 52-year-old woman came to the aid of her son who vigilantes had tied to a tree under accusation of trying to steal a car in Caranavi, Bolivia.

These weren't the only two bound to a tree, as the woman's daughter also received the same punishment from the vigilantes as her brother and mom, but she recovered from her injuries. In addition to being bound to a tree, the trio was also burnt and beaten.

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Local authorities said the family traveled to La Paz to recover a debt.

The tree in which the family was tied to was considered a "mystical" tree that had a reputation for fire ants living in it, which have incredibly venomous and painful bites.

Police chief Gunter Agudo said, "Initially the investigation was opened as a probe into an attempted car theft but now it has been changed to a murder and serious assault investigation."

Only one person has been arrested in connection with assaulting the family while authorities have confirmed multiple suspects took part in the awful activities.

Authorities said the trio wasn't convicted of any wrongdoing, but that locals described them as having come to the area to "make mischief."

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