Watch This Dad Have The Worst Injury Imaginable At A Trampoline Park

(Photo: Raymond Wyse, YouTube)

Warning: graphic content...

There are things in this life that no person should have to see. A snapped (and I mean snapped) leg is one of them.

Trampoline parks are slowly becoming some of the coolest attractions in the world right now. They are massive, fun and great for families looking to exhale and have some fun. That is, until a dad decided to go full astronaut and break his leg.

Meet Raymond Wyse. Unfortunately, he severely broke his leg in the worst way possible while bouncing around a trampoline park in Edinburgh. He described his initial reaction to The Sun:

I heard a snap and went into shock. Then the pain started.

It took 40 minutes for medics to come and rush Wyse off to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where it took surgeons seven hours to put his leg back together. That, my friends, is a trampoline fail.


If you dare to watch this disturbing video, go here. Be wary, though, it's intense.


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