Watch: Rosie O'Donnell Under Fire for Asking If Barron Trump Is 'Autistic'

Rosie O'Donnell is getting backlash after the comedian shared a video suggesting that Donald Trump's son, Barron, is autistic, reports Us Weekly.

On November 21, O'Donnell tweeted the link to a 7-minute video that compiles all of the times when Barron Trump showed signs of being autistic. The video was put together by YouTuber, James Hunter, who found clips from interviews, the Republican National Convention, and even election night where Baron is showing signs that could point to autistic behavior.

"Barron Trump Autistic?" O'Donnell posted alongside the video. "If so – what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic."

Though O'Donnell was clearly not making fun of Barron, or even his father – despite using a direct quote from one of Donald Trump's speeches – Twitter has since slammed her for her comment. Many find that her pulling Barron into the spotlight in such as way was uncalled for.

It's common knowledge that Trump and O'Donnell have had quite the sordid past. They have each mocked and made fun of each other in a very public light, so it isn't surprising that Trump's supporters have reacted so negatively to the post. Though it seems that Trump himself has yet to address the tweet personally.


Whether Barron is on the autism spectrum or not, this might just be a great opportunity to discuss the issues facing those on the spectrum across the country.

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