Watch: Charlie Sheen Talks Life With HIV in Emotional New Interview

Charlie Sheen revealed that he was HIV positive in November 2015, four years after he was diagnosed, and in a new interview with Michael Strahan that aired on Good Morning America Wednesday, he opened up about what life is like living with the disease, saying that he feels "really good."

"I feel like I'm carrying the torch," he said, "for a lot of folks out there that are suffering from the same thing."

"The day I was diagnosed, I immediately wanted to eat a bullet," Sheen said. "But my mom was there, I wouldn't do that in front of her, or let her find me to clean up that mess."

Sheen explained that being able to go home after his diagnosis with just a handful of pills and the promise that he would live had a big effect on him.

"If I was there with, you know, brain cancer or, or, a stomach thing, or some meningitis," Sheen added. "We wouldn't be sitting here right now."

The actor is currently taking part in a Food and Drug Administration Study for a new HIV treatment and shared that things are going extremely well.

"I am so grateful," Sheen said. "For eight months now, I've been enrolled in an FDA study ... for a medication for a drug called PRO-140," adding that the drug is in the "late stages" of its trial run and "very close to being approved."

"It's not this hideous cocktail that, that, that leads to so many side effects and, and just, just so much disdain, you know, emotionally and physically. It's one shot a week, and there's no side effects," he added.

Sheen also touched on some of his previous interviews, revealing that his erratic behavior actually stemmed from an overdose of testosterone, calling his behavior a "roid rage."

Watch the actor's full interview in the video above.


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