Two Teens Live Stream Shootout With Police

Two teenage kids live-streamed a video of themselves engaged in a shootout with the police before deciding to turn their guns on themselves.

After the standoff, the 15-year-olds were found dead inside a house in the northwestern Russian Pskov region, according to Daily Mail.

Teenagers Shootout

The schoolchildren, Denis Muravyov and Katya, filmed the chilling footage as law enforcement authorities surrounded the perimeter of the house they were barricaded in. The two posted pictures of themselves firing at police, and broadcast the gunfight live video app Periscope.

According to a statement released by the National Guard special forces to the TASS news agency, the police found "the bodies of a girl and a young man with clear signs of suicide."

The police stressed the point that they did not open fire on the two teenagers.

The investigators on the case explained that the police were initially called to the house in the village of Krasniye Strugi as part of the search for a missing teenager. When a police car showed up on the scene, the teenagers opened fire.

At one point during the live stream, the young girl, Katya, puts a gun to Denis's head. The teenagers were believed to have been dating for about six months.

Denis and Katya felt they had no other option than to go out by their own means.

"If we don't surrender, we die," Denis said. "But if we surrender, we will never see each other again."

The two are heard joking around and laughing during the video. Katya then screams at the sound of a gunshot. When the police arrived at the house, Denis held a rifle form the window and fired at a police van.

"This is a terrible tragedy," Russian children's ombudswoman Anna Kuznetsova told TASS. "We're looking into the circumstances and the details of what happened."

Check out the horrifying video here.

Denis wrote one final post on Russian social media site VK. The message read: "Goodbye all, friends and family, and acquaintances. Do not worry, I will go out in style. Good luck to all in your life and please do not be afraid to live as you want or you see fit. Life is for fun - this is the best life. I love you."

What are your thoughts on these two teenagers live streaming their shootout with the police?

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